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75% of Credit Reports are Inaccurate!

At Dunaway-Attorneys at Law, we realize how frustrating and damaging an inaccurate credit report can be. A bad credit report may prevent you from getting credit, force you to pay higher auto insurance rates or mortgage interest rates, make it difficult to rent, or cost you a job.

We have provided this information to explain the process and help you correct any errors so you can repair your credit. Our lawyers will help you sue the responsible people if that is appropriate. Contact our office to arrange a free consultation about correcting your report. We will ask you to follow the steps below before your appointment.

1. Get a free copy of your credit report.
The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires a consumer reporting agency (CSR) to allow you to check your report for free once a year. It is important to make use of this opportunity, particularly if you have filed Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in the past. To request a report from each major CSR, TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian:
Go to:
Call toll-free: (877) 322-8228

2. Identify errors in your credit report.
When you receive your reports go over each entry carefully. Negative information is fine, as long as it is accurate. Circle any information that you feel is inaccurate.
Typical errors are:
Inaccurate reporting on your debts
Mixing up your report with someone else’s with a similar name
An account discharged in bankruptcy but now showing up as late
An account that you did not open (a sign of identity theft)
A mortgage which was paid off but is showing up as in default
An inquiry from a person who pulled your credit report without permission
Write down on the questionnaire every entry on your credit report that you are concerned about. There are questions specific to TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian.

3. Find a document to prove each inaccurate item is wrong. Examples:
Account you didn’t open, showing identity theft
Copies of signature (checks, mortgage papers, etc) so that the credit reporting agency can compare your signature to the one that opened the false account.

A police report where you tell the police the account is not your account and you have been the apparent victim of an identity theft crime.

We can also help you prepare an affidavit where you swear the account is not your account
Debt discharged in bankruptcy
Copies of your bankruptcy petition and discharge order (you can get this from your bankruptcy attorney). This will show that as of the date you filed you should no longer be shown as being late or that the debt is discharged.
Wrong Name
Have a copy of your driver’s license and other similar documents (mortgage, car note, tax return, social security card) so we can show the name is incorrect. Having an incorrect name can lead to the wrong accounts being placed on your credit reports.
Never late, but shown as late
Provide copies of statements or bank account records showing when and how much you paid.

Then contact our firm. We will have you send us copies of everything after you have filled out the questionnaire. We will prepare the appropriate letters on your behalf and send them by certified mail to each CSR, creditor, or furnisher of information.

After the dispute letters are sent, if the credit reporting agency does not correct the error, we will discuss filing a federal lawsuit. If we do need to file a suit, you will be entitled to damages if it is successful.

We do not charge for helping you unless we file a lawsuit. In that event, we take a percentage of the damages awarded to you. The court may also order the defendant to pay us attorneys’ fees.

At Dunaway-Attorneys at Law, our Birmingham credit repair lawyers help consumers held down by inaccurate credit reports and resulting low credit scores. We represent clients throughout Alabama, including Jefferson County, St. Clair County, Blount County, and Shelby County, and the communities of Birmingham, Oneonta, Ashville, Columbiana, Gardendale, Harpersville, Talladega, Fultondale, Hueytown, Bessemer, Vestavia Hills, Trussville, Tarrant City, Hoover, Moody, Leeds, Pelham, Alabaster, Mountain Brook, Pell City, Margaret, Trafford, Lincoln, and Irondale, Alabama.

For bankruptcy information, see our Bankruptcy Information Center and Frequently Asked Questions about Bankruptcy.
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Attorney Matt Dunaway will explain how to use the law to correct your record.

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